Character Creation and Quests!

Slow but steady progress on the menu front.  I’m trying to get all the boring stuff out of the way very very quickly so I can get back to working on quests and bosses.  Those menus are subject to change, I just wanted to get them out and functional before I spruced them up later.

Last week I finished character creation and saving, which was quite a big deal because only half the RPG elements were in place so some of my server had to be reconstructed.

The game is almost to a stage where it could be handed out to people without me babysitting them and telling them what order they have to do things for it to not crash or break.  So I’d really like to get an alpha of the demo out this month with just the Clock Tower stage to iron out some bugs.

Be sure to send me a message or reply here if you’d like to be a part of these tests!

I’ve also put Ritus up on IndieDB, so be sure to support it there where I’ll also be posting videos and builds.

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Improved Background Art!

The background is Ritus have always bugged me.  I kept leaning towards them though because they were fast and easy to create, which was the point of Ritus at the beginning.  I wanted something that I could quickly develop new content for as it went on.  But they were never up to par for me, they had thick sketchy lines and didn’t fit with the sprites at all.  So I’ve redesigned them, quick production is no excuse for a sub par asset in Ritus’s case.

It’s a little bit unfinished in the background floor boards and half the 6 is missing on the clock, but this is a much better direction I feel.  It matches the sprites a lot better.  If you look at the old clock tower design it’s obvious how far it’s come to this point.

The downside to this of course is that the pixel art version, using the old version as a guide, took me almost 2 days to complete.  Which is a lot longer than the 4ish hours the original took me to make.  But 2 days isn’t an extremely long amount of time considering I’ll only have 3-4 backgrounds planned at the moment and most are mocked up anyway.

I’m absolutely loving this new direction, so I’m going to finish up the clock tower and take a break from art and do some work on the inventory system.

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Things are getting a bit blurry

I’m eschewing the old title image because I just don’t have the time between work and Ritus to throw one together.  So here goes, I’m starting to officially write about our new coop sidescrolling rpg, Ritus.

Currently, I’m pretty far in development.  We’ve been passing the early early alpha version around and doing a couple of runs now and again just to check for crashes and the like.  But all that seems to be going swimmingly.

Today I got some work done on the 2nd stage, the Volcano.

Now, it’s kind of difficult to see at the moment because I have a giant 5 on my face.  But you should be able to notice a little heat haze effect I wrote today on the bottom, which will serve as an atmospheric detail kind of thing for this level.  But I had so much god damned fun writing the shader for it, I’m considering throwing some more together for some of the magic effects that are kind of “bleh” at the moment.

Now that all the core functionality is done, I’m really starting to focus on the aesthetics more.  I can’t reasonably do a complete overhaul of the graphics, but I’m looking into fancier effects and more cinematic features in the game.  I haven’t fully perfected the system, but each boss is going to have an entrance animation, currently that feature is giving me a ton of shit syncing between clients.

Anyway, this will feature as a kind of demo of the end game content in Ritus.  I’m trying to balance it so you’re basically getting the full experience of playing it, only condensed into 2 levels for the demo version.  I’ll go more into detail in a few days about the other content in the game, but seeing as this is what I’ve done today I thought it was fitting to start with.

I’m setting a release date for the demo sometime mid October hopefully, give or take a week.

If you’d like to see more get at me on Twitter, I usually post more often in the middle of working on something.

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